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- Martin Luther King

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‘Eirenicon Africa ICT Nigeria Summit’

3 – 5 November 2014 

ICT is the fastest growing sector in Nigeria’s economy, contributing about nine per cent to current GDP figures. At current growth rates, the industry is set to double every four years.

The last ten years have seen this growth driven by Telecoms. From being fuelled by a latent demand for voice, growth rates are now poised to leap due to an even larger demand for data. Penetration rates of about 6 per cent for broadband (voice is now 70 -75 per cent) signify significant scope for growth.

The roll out of infrastructure across the country has contributed to further unlocking growth and the industry is attracting and absorbing greater numbers of younger and more dynamic new entrants.

But there are issues:

Software development (especially mobile apps) needs to match the size of the subscriber population and to fit unique domestic needs. Devices manufacture and supply also has to grow in keeping with the demands of a nation doing more and more on the internet- health, education, agric, commerce etc. A major dearth of technical skills to fuel the growth, skills including both digital literacy and traditional literacy, also poses a grave threat to the growth momentum.

The Eirenicon Africa ICT Nigeria Summit will focus on these issues, and on the quality and evenness of ICT growth and development and on ensuring that the industry is underpinned by the enabling infrastructure, policies and market structure to ensure its sustainability. This is necessary if a true innovation hub and hotbed is to be developed in Nigeria and if the country is to take its place alongside the best- in- class in international markets.

Join us for the three day summit, as we bring operators, tech developers, regulators, investors, students, policy makers and other stakeholders together to discuss all things ICT in Nigeria.

Guest Speaker include:

Hakeem Belo-Osagie (Chairman, Etisalat), Kabelo Makwane (Country Manager, Microsoft Nigeria), Gerald Ilukwe (Chief Executive Officer, Galaxy Backbone), Bayo Sanni (Managing Director Nigeria, Oracle), Obi Ejimofo (Managing Director, Lamudi Nigeria, Africa Internet Holding), Nkiru Balonwu (Chief Executive Officer, Spinlet), Tayo Ogundipe (Chief Executive Officer, Solo), Adebola Akindele (Chief Executive Officer,  Courteville Solutions PLC), Dr Ndubuisi Ekekwe (Johns Hopkins University), Lohini Moodley (Principal, McKinsey), Usoro Usoro (Acting Chief Marketing Officer, MTN), Bunmi Ekundare (Managing Director West Africa, Intel Corporation), Bankole Cardoso (Co-founder, Easy Taxi)

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We present the Eirenicon Africa Public Lecture Series, a platform of ongoing presentations by, and discussions with political, business, social and intellectual leaders from across the African continent.

The Eirenicon Africa Public Lecture Series aims to describe the locus of our lives, to present an African account of the ‘human condition’ in our 21st century. To bring into focus and generate debate on the African versions of the ‘big questions’- the fundamental, substantive and even existential questions on issues such as identity, modernization, citizenship and the means to supplanting self-interest with public interest.

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