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Rolake Akinkugbe – Head of Oil and Gas Research, Ecobank Group Rolake is the Head of Oil and Gas, on the award winning research team (which, for the second year in a row won the Africa Investor Index Series Awards for Best Africa Research House, 2012). She assists the pan-African banking group’s Corporate and Investment Banking arm with its energy strategy across its 33-country African banking footprint. She also manages Ecobank’s research and analytical output across the energy value-chain covering a wide range of energy products, and across a portfolio of countries, anywhere from Nigeria to Tanzania, advising both internal and external clients on the industry. A key interest
and increasing focus of her work has been using research as a tool to help originate new market-entry opportunities for investors, and devise new investment strategies in the natural resources sector.

Rolake joined Ecobank from leading New York-based global risk consultancy Eurasia Group, where she had been the lead country risk analyst for West Africa and the Gulf of Guinea, focusing on the oil and gas and mining/metals sectors. Rolake also worked for many years as Senior Africa Analyst in the global risk analysis team of London-based Control Risks
Group. There she acted as Senior Analyst and adviser on natural resources projects for leading multinationals on several Sub-Saharan African countries. She is a frequent media commentator and conference presenter, and is a regular reviewer of global newspaper headlines on BBC Word News’ early morning TV show. She has previously worked for the
International Crisis Group in Senegal and the European Commission in Brussels.

Rolake is also the founder of VoxPerfect, a company that aims to re-invent the art of public speaking and bring creative talk to the mainstream. VoxPerfect provides professional, engaging and dynamic female speakers for a broad range of professional and social events and through its VoxArticl8 affiliate, also employs a unique story-telling and communications tool aimed at motivating, and challenging young audiences. Rolake is a jazz and classically- trained pianist, and is also a member of the board of directors of the Business Council for Africa (BCA). She holds a Bachelors and a Masters degree from the London School of Economics (LSE).

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