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Jennifer Robinson is Professor of Urban/Human Geography at the University College London in the UK and has also worked at the Open University and at the University of KwaZulu-Natal in South Africa, and the LSE in London. From Durban, South Africa, herself, she has published widely on South African cities, especially on the spatiality and politics of apartheid and post-apartheid cities, notably, The Power of Apartheid (Heinemann, 1996). Her most recent book, Ordinary Cities (Routledge, 2006) offers a post-colonial critique of urban studies. She is currently working on re-grounding comparative methods to support a more properly international urban studies, and developing a comparative research project on the politics of city strategies.

  • Eirenicon

    Pronunciation: /ʌɪˈriːnɪkɒn/

    Definition: i) A proposition to harmonize conflicting viewpoints ii) Advancing peace, strengthening or establishing unity, or fostering solidarity.

    From Greek eirēnikon, neuter of eirēnikos 'promoting peace', from eirēnē 'peace'

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