Mutiu Sunmonu Biography

Mutiu Sunmonu is Managing Director of the Shell Petroleum Development Company of Nigeria Limited (SPDC), Vice President Production (Sub Sahara Africa) and Country Chair of Shell Companies in Nigeria.

He graduated from the University of Lagos in 1978 with a first-class degree in Mathematics and Computer Sciences. He joined the IT department of Shell in Nigeria where he held various roles before being posted abroad.
Following three years in Aberdeen at Shell UK, he returned to Nigeria in 1993 to become Head of IT Infrastructure Services and in 1995 he became IT Manager for the Shell Petroleum and Development Company. In 1997 he moved to the core production side of the business as an area production manager. In 2001 he worked as Regional Business Adviser at Shell Headquarters at The Hague, in the Netherlands where he helped develop the initial investment proposal for the China West-to-East integrated pipeline and gas supply project. Returning to Nigeria in 2003, Mutiu was appointed General Manager Production for SPDC Eastern operations. Two years later, he joined the Board of SPDC following his appointment as Executive Director Corporate Affairs and then Executive Director Production in 2006 with overall accountability for the company’s oil and gas production activities and delivery.

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